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Sat Shri Akal! I'm Harvinder Singh, just a regular guy in his late 50s from Punjab, India, on a journey through the spiritual maze. Born and raised in the heart of Punjab, Sikhism has been my grounding force, but I'm all about exploring different avenues to connect with the divine and find peace.

Harvinder Singh

Growing up, the vibes of Gurbani and the sight of gurdwara domes were a daily thing. But life had more in store for me. I started digging into other faiths, having chats with folks from different religious backgrounds. Turns out, there's a lot of common ground, and that's what I'm all about - unity in diversity.

Meditation became my go-to. It's like this portal to your soul, you know? I'm all about sharing my meditation stories and the wisdom I've picked up along the way.

I've taken trips to sacred spots – not just Sikh gurdwaras, but all kinds of places. Every pilgrimage is like a chapter in my book, filled with stories of devotion and shared humanity. Come join me on these virtual pilgrimages!

Art is another thing that blows my mind. From kirtans in gurdwaras to paintings and sculptures, I'm into the deep meaning behind it all. It's like a direct line to the soul, and I'm excited to spill the beans on what I've learned.

Sikhism isn't just about rituals; it's a way of life. I'm all about applying those teachings in real life, from busy city streets to chill countryside vibes. Let's dive into the simple yet profound wisdom of Sikh living.

This blog is my little corner of the internet where seekers and wanderers can hang out. It's a mix of my thoughts, stories, and reflections. Whether you're deep into a specific faith or just curious, you're welcome here.

Drop me a line anytime using the contact form or hit me up on social media. Let's chat, share stories, and make this journey more interesting together.

Thanks for swinging by. Here's to our spirits connecting and finding some wisdom along the way!


Harvinder Singh


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