Mormon Forever Families – Too good to be true?

   Posted by: Joel Groat   in ethics, Mormonism

From free balloons handed out at a Cinco de Mayo festival with “Families are Forever” on them in English and Spanish, to Temple Open Houses to Missionary Flip Charts – oh right, flip charts went out with the 90s – the Mormon Church has attracted new converts with the idea of eternal family togetherness. But a careful look at the LDS theological system when it comes to how the hereafter is going to work raises serious questions about whether the Mormon church can deliver on its offer.  Our new article explores the various scenarios for Mormon families and their children and offers an alternative to the Mormon forever family plan – one that actually works.  The full article and some pertinent documentation from LDS sources is here:  http://www.irr.org/mit/Mormon_forever_families.html

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