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Welcome to The Religious Researcher!

   Posted by: Rob Bowman    in IRR, Religious Researcher

The Religious Researcher is the blog of the Institute for Religious Research, a nonprofit, evangelical Christian ministry based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Just one month ago, I had the privilege of starting as IRR’s new executive director. You can read a little about me and the other senior members of our staff here.

Our goal at IRR is to speak and live the truth in love (cf. Eph. 4:15). We live in a culture filled with a dizzying variety of beliefs concerning matters of religion. Refusal or reticence to say what we believe is not an option. IRR’s mission is to contribute cutting-edge resources on religious groups and issues in order to help those who are seeking to find their way through the maze of opinions as well as those who want to be equipped to share their Christian faith with others. This doesn’t mean we think we know it all or that our opinions are infallible–far from it. We see ourselves as disciples (students, learners), sharing with others what we have learned and seeking to learn from others as well. I invite you to join us in this ongoing process.

–Rob Bowman

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