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Karen King’s Jesus Wife Papyrus

   Posted by: Rob Bowman    in apocrypha, Biblical studies

Karen L. King of Harvard made public yesterday a fragment written in Coptic that she says is a fourth-century copy of a second-century text quoting Jesus as saying, “My wife.” For the benefit of those interested in researching this topic, I present here some of the more notable articles and blogs on the subject of this fragment.

Sources Promoting the Jesus Wife Papyrus

King, Karen L., with contributions by AnneMarie Luijendijk. “‘“Jesus said to them, ‘My wife…”’: A New Coptic Gospel Fragment.” Draft of King’s article to be published in early 2012 in the Harvard Theological Review.

King, Karen L. “The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife: A New Coptic Gospel Fragment.” Harvard Divinity School—Research Projects.

The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife. Smithsonian Channel documentary to air 30 Sept. 2012.

Sabar, Ariel. “The Inside Story of a Controversial New Text about Jesus.”, 18 Sept. 2018.

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